Wayne Rooney’s “Wonder Goal”

First off, the above poster is the second greatest sports poster ever. Well done Nike. Rooney’s outstretched arms and torso covered in blood against his pale white skin, a symbol that all recognize as England’s flag. Naysayers complain that it’s too reminiscent of Christ on the cross… but I say that’s far-fetched rubbish and this poster is brilliant. Anyway, this might be the first and last soccer, uh…futbol, post you see on LobShots until the next World Cup… but man, sometimes, greatness just deserves recognition. As sports fans, we are very aware of soccer and it’s global significance, and how gigantic it is in every friggin country that does NOT have the NFL, MLB and NBA. (NHL intentionally left off this list.) Quick recap, this weekend, there was a huge game on the pitch at Old Trafford between city rivals Manchested United (1st place) and Manchester City (3rd place). The rivalry is huge (think Yankees/Red Sox) and if Man U pulled out the win, they’d essentially knock Man City out of title contention. Wayne Rooney, in my humble opinion, a top 5 player in the world, plays for Man U. He’s only 25 years old, and in this game, his incredible overhead kick 13 minutes before time expired gave Man U. the 2-1 lead over City and ultimately, the win.

Wonder goal ... Wayne Rooney of Manchester United scores the winner against cross-city rivals City. Photo: Getty Images

The video that I’m about to link is about 3 minutes of insane soccer goals… the best ever. You only need to watch the first 20 seconds to see Rooney in all his glory. If you love English accents and watching insane bicycle/cartwheel kicks for goals, watch all of it. Check it out. Rooney himself even said afterwards, “That is my best goal. It was such an important game and to score the winning goal in that way was a great feeling – indescribable.” I tend to agree with young Rooney…that goal was a jaw dropper for sure.

Oh, some of our more inquisitive readers might still be wondering… ‘second greatest sports poster’? Below is the best. No discussion.


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