DeSean Jackson is a Jerk. Right?

The Eagles’ DeSean Jackson bugs me…just the way he carries himself. He’s cocky on and off the field. He doesn’t carry himself like a professional. Dude just seems like a jerk. His tweets just highlight his high-roller lifestyle in the face of this lowly followers. Here are a few of them.

@DeseanJackson10: JACCPOT life is a boss!! Bout to get tatted up by Tha home girl @MZINKBOMB

@DeseanJackson10: Awh they just upgraded me 2 first class… It’s a blessing LIVN dis life of drema**ain’t I On…Lmao Ayeeeeee****

@DeseanJackson10: *TMS* Too Much Swagg

@DeseanJackson10: Retun of the SWaGG!! * HUSTLE * HUSTLE

@DeseanJackson10: #inhighschool MY SQUAD WAS JERK’n THAT MOST… aLL THE FEMALES KNEW WAT WAS UP”” yeeeeeah buddy

He showboats so much, and it pisses me off that he actually delivers on the field. Guy is just electric on the field… a game changer. But, man, I just want to dislike him so much. Then I heard he was going on The View… THE VIEW!!! hahaha. Really? A bunch of old hags just sitting around cackling at each other? Watching that show is my worst nightmare…just awful. I just chalked it up as one more reason to dislike him.

Well, wouldn’t you know that Rick Reilly decided to write a story on him for ESPN about his time on the The View. I know that a lot of you think Rick Reilly is an over-hyped cheeseball using too many lame clichés to be respectable. He does get a little carried away at times, but do yourself a favor and read this story he wrote about DeSean Jackson.

I’m not even going to summarize it, because you need to read it for yourself. I will however, respond. Once again, here I am looking like the jerk after unfairly judging a professional athlete’s book by its cover. Sure, he’s cocky on the field…he backs it up. Sure, his tweets bother me and I might need a translator to understand all of them. So what. That’s my problem. As for you DeSean, you’re using your celebrity to do good… to stand up to something that’s bigger than you…and you made a kid that felt like a nobody… feel like a somebody. Hopefully Reilly’s article about you makes a whole lot of nobodys feel like somebodys.

I stand corrected, DeSean, you’re an oak.


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