Grammar 101 with LobShots & Antonio Cromartie


(It has been brought to my attention that some of our fabulous readers don’t understand this tweetering business, so let me do a quick recap. Basically, Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets put up a tweet to his 83,000 plus followers responding to rumors the Jets were trading him. As one of his followers, I reposted part of his tweet, called a retweet, with my own addition to it… correcting his grammar. Why? Because I thought it’d be funny. Anyway, a few minutes later, he tweeted again, this time referring to the “english teachers on here (twitter)”. So, basically, he was referring to me, and he told all his followers the correct usage of the term. To which I then retweeted his comment, taking credit for his correction. AlCROtraz apparently thought that was funny, so he sent another tweet out, directly to me at LobShots, saying “lol”. He laughed out loud. Frick, way to take a funny blog entry and make it stupid. How’s that old saying go? Some crap about jokes no longer being funny when you have to explain them. This blog is the worst. It will be the last time I explain a friggin’ tweet. Thanks Geoff.)

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