CNBC comparison: Egyptian Riots vs. Wisconsin Protests

REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

If you’re looking to talk politics… you came to the wrong place. However, every once in awhile I see something that pisses me off so much that I have no choice but to tell the blogging world about. CNBC, generally considered a very respectable news outlet, just threw up a headline on the morning news that read, “YOU THOUGHT THE MIDDLE EAST WAS BAD?” with pictures scrolling and news coverage of the “Wisconsin protests”. Listen, I don’t know crap about what is going on in Wisconsin, but I do know one thing… it’s in WISCONSIN. I’m sure it’s serious, and I’m sure it’s important. So, here’s what I think about it.

Nice comparison CNBC, you a-holes. Oh, you thought the Middle East was bad? Look at us, we’re CNBC, we can say whatever we want. Oh, look in our own backyard America! Look at this… people are protesting in our beloved Green Bay… home of the Super Bowl champ Packers! Wake up America, people are protesting! Have you seen the pictures!? It’s outrageous! People are screaming and they are holding signs. SIGNS I tell you!! They say all kinds of hurtful things too! You thought the Middle East was bad? Suck it, CNBC. Wikipedia says, “As of February 16th, at least 365 deaths had been reported, and those injured number in the thousands. The Egyptian capital city of Cairo was described as ‘a war zone’…” People are full out rioting, chucking molotov cocktails and killing each other left and right in the Middle East, and CNBC has the audacity to compare it to Wisconsin? I’m insanely offended by that… and almost nothing offends me.

CNBC, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Just because Erin Burnett is hot, that doesn’t mean you can say whatever the hell you want and get away with it.


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