Who is the Benihana Bomber?

Who the hell is the “Benihana Bomber”? I was just cruising through Nordstrom on my lunch break and saw this RVCA t-shirt. That’s ROOOO-KUH for those of you not hip to the brand with a Latin influence.. I’m guessing? It’s not just four letters R V C A, it’s ruca. Man, I just oozed cool as I wrote that correcting all of you in your minds. Anyway, that’s Babe Ruth with a Brooklyn Dodgers hat on right? The Boston ‘B’ never had that little diamond in the middle of the ‘B’ did it? Here’s the link to the t-shirt online. So, Benihana Bomber? I still don’t get it. Babe Ruth’s team history can be found in this old post about him. So, who knows what the hell is this shirt is all about, or what all those symbols say? Nothing? Something? I’ve never heard of the Benihana Bomber, have you? Anybody, anybody?


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