Dodgers Throwback Uniforms Revealed

The fans have spoken. They were allowed to vote for the Dodgers Throwback uniforms this year, stealing the Padres amazing idea from 2010, which the Padres stupidly dropped for 2011. The Los Angeles Dodgers released these pictures a couple of days ago, but I figured everyone would appreciate a follow up to my rant about the Padres and Dodgers Throwback Uniforms here. So, there they are. Below is a memory refresher of the fan choices.

The 1940’s “satin” jerseys won the competition. Not very surprising, although I was really pulling for the 1931 jerseys. Here’s what pisses me off though. They’re not even freaking satin. Below is what they are supposed to look like, and they are supposed to be seen under the lights. These new ones will be worn only for day games. A double dose of lame. If I had to choose no Throwbacks or Throwbacks done poorly, I’d still choose to have them done poorly…but man, these new ones look NOTHING LIKE THE ORIGINALS.

There are very few fabric materials that make or break the look of a uniform. Uh… satin is one of them. Satin and burlap. Kinda sucks that the Dodgers went to all that effort for a Throwback Uniform only to half-ass it on the final product.


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