Bob Sanders Eaten by a Shark in San Diego

The San Diego Chargers have signed Bob Sanders to a one year deal. You read that right, Bob Sanders is a Charger, and no, he didn’t get eaten by a shark. The Chargers official press release from last night can be found here.

Here is a lengthy headline for how this deal should read:
Chargers sign a healthy Bob Sanders, 2007 Defensive Player of the Year, to a low-risk, high-reward 1 year contract.

Even though the details haven’t been released yet…I love this signing. Absolutely love it. I know, I know… but can he stay healthy? We’ll get to that later. Let’s assume he can, for now. Bob Sanders is a human missile out on the field. He is an absolutely dominant physical presence in the secondary. The Chargers have had a revolving door at the strong safety position, and Bob Sanders can fill that void and be a game changer. Honestly, when you’ve got a guy named Dwight Freeney alongside of you on the Indianapolis Colts, it’s impressive to be named the team Defensive Player of the Year… he got it for the entire NFL. He is the fill-in-the-gap, and smash-your-face-in type of player that the Bolts have been longing for. I hate do to this, but remember that playoff game against the New York Jets two years ago? Remember how a certain fertile somebody decided to play patty-cake in the secondary instead of football? Oh, selective memory? Well, here ya go. Again, I’m sorry, it pains me to bring it up again. Yes, I know he’s not a corner like Antonio Cromartie, but Bob Sanders would’ve clobbered Shonn Greene.

Ugh, that still depressed me. Just know that won’t ever happen again here in San Diego. Back to Bob Sanders. This is for everybody who has never, ever seen a glass half full.

Headlines that have run in actual newspapers across the country of my imagination:
-Chargers sign Mr. Glass
-Bob Sanders breaks hand while signing Chargers contract
-Hello Bob Sanders, Goodbye Eric Weddle
-Bolts tricked by the Colts.
-Chargers flush money down the Bob Sanders toilet
-2011 NFL season on lockout, Bob Sanders still on IR
-Bob Sanders Eaten by a Shark in San Diego

Obviously, this signing is very risky…nobody is denying that. He could get hurt, he’s prone to injury. Well, so could everyone else. You can’t live life in what-if land. As for Eric Weddle, yes, I know he’s a free agent, but I think he’s still very high on the Chargers to-do list. I don’t think this will affect him at all. As for Darrell Stuckey… I think he’s got a lot of potential, but Sanders is certainly an upgrade from last years draft pick, and even if Sanders were to get hurt… a Two-Time Pro Bowler isn’t a bad guy to have as a mentor. Love this signing…for now.

Here’s to you Bob Sanders, the anti-Cromartie. Welcome to San Diego.


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