Breast Milk Ice Cream? Yum.

Read story here about a London Ice Cream shop selling Ice Cream made from breast milk. Ice Cream made from breast milk? Reader Dave lobbed up this gem for us. I’m kinda pissed at him too, because this just grosses me out. I’m sure there are a ton of sick bastards out there that think this is a good idea, or some friggin’ hippies that think it’s natural and wonderful and all part of God’s creation. Yeah, God’s creation for a mother to feed a baby… not a bunch of adult sickos. Brits, man. I’ll never understand ’em. I love the way they talk. I love David Beckham. But Brits just do weird stuff. To top it off with this ice cream… just when I thought I couldn’t be more grossed out by it… they named it “Baby Gaga”? Ew, man. Ew. Lady Gaga is so gross, and the thought of her… you know, I can’t even finish that thought… not without barfing. And I’m sorry, did I misread this? “$22.80-per-scoop frozen dessert” The day that I spend $22 bucks… in any currency… to eat frozen breast milk is that day I invite the entire world to collectively kick me in the nuts and put out lit cigarettes all over my body. Oh, and for the record, you deserve hepatitis in it’s worst form if you willingly consume this nastiness.


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