Eagles fans LOVE Darren Sproles

Tiny Darren is one of my favorites. He’s a friggin lightning bug out the field. It’s so fun watching him run in open space. I’ve met him too… super nice guy. Humble, generous, courteous, a real gentleman. He’s certainly the type of person you want on your football team. He is, however, tiny. Which leads me to my next point, every time Darren Sproles is tackled, I have a fear that he won’t get up. Not just that he’s hurt or tired… that’s he’s dead. He gets crushed out there and he’s so small I fear that every hit he takes will be his last.

His monster game a few years ago against the Indianapolis Colts landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Not too shabby. So, we know he can be a dangerous guy to have on your team. I like the idea of having Sproles on the Bolts for 2011 as a 3rd down back… I just don’t think it’s gonna happen. I don’t think AJ will pay for him… I hope I’m wrong, and we get him for a bargain price. Time will tell. Seems unlikely though as he will be a hot commodity on the market. Case in point? The Philadelphia Eagles. Check out this fan poll that I just pulled off one of their fan blogs, Bleeding Green Nation.

Shoutout to Muuuugan for bringing this to my attention. 49% of Eagles fans want him there in Philly over anybody else. Those are some strong numbers, I wonder if Andy Reid and the Eagles agree with their rabid fans? Like Brees and LT before him, I will hate to see Tiny Darren leave the Bolts, but I’ll understand it when he does.


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