Roger Goodell Hates NFL Players

ESPN – San Diego Chargers linebacker Kevin Burnett delivered some of the strongest words of the lockout so far. Burnett, a prospective free agent who has never been known for being outlandish with his comments, blasted commissioner Roger Goodell in an interview with a San Diego radio station.

Here is a taste of what Burnett had to say: “Goodell’s full of it. He’s a liar,” Burnett said “You’re a blatant liar. ‘It’s our league, it’s we, we love the players, we want the league,’ but what have you done for the players? What have you done, in all honesty, to improve the game, besides fine guys, besides take money away from guys, besides change a game that you’ve never played? … He’s done nothing to improve the game.”

Wow. Burnett’s words will likely not play well in the NFL’s offices and perhaps even at the Chargers’ headquarters. No team wants its players lambasting management. His comments could affect the Chargers’ interest in bringing back Burnett.

However, I think Burnett could ultimately get a pass for his emotions. But this deal is far from over. I think the insults are just starting.

I was gonna just let this pass because I don’t think it’s a big deal, because Burnett’s right…Goodell is a liar. I like Burnett, he plays with reckless abandon and I hope the San Diego Chargers re-sign him. If the Bolts use these comments as some sort of ammo for not bringing him back… that’s absolute rubbish. Every player is thinking the same damn thing, so you better just get rid of your whole team. Dumb. I already told what it’s gonna take to solve this Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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