2011 St. Patrick’s Day Survival Guide


Top a tha marnin’ to ya, lads and lassies! Happy St. Brackets Day! Basketball and Drinking…should be an amazing day. If you want to stay out of fights and make it into work tomorrow, here are a couple of things to remember on this fine St. Patrick’s Day morning, not particularly in this order.

2011 St. Patrick’s Day Survival Guide: Magically Delicious
1. Get your brackets all filled out, this is priority #1 for today. (Taking SDSU all the way despite them having never won a NCAA tournament game is not that crazy.)
2. Don’t play “too cool” card.. because you’re not. Wear green. It’s fun. (Just don’t overdo it with the green)
3. Pace yourself, it’s a long day. Remind yourself of this every hour. You don’t want things to get ugly later.
4. Eat and DRINK WATER. Repeat this several times during the day. You might find yourself making frequent visits to the loo, so keep an eye out for Patty O’Brien.
5. These are my beer choices. Guinness, Killian’s Irish Red, Smithwick’s Irish Ale. (Smithwick’s, btw, is pronounced “smittick’s” so don’t make an ass out of yourself to the bartender, say it right. If they mispronounce it, correct them.) Also, for all of the above, If you have an option, tap is always best.6. If you’re into the hard stuff…your shot of choice today is Jameson. (If you happen to google image search “Jameson” at work, um, be sure to add the word ‘whiskey’ at the end. At home? To each his own.)
7. Just because somebody puts something green in front of you to drink… you don’t have to. A fun novelty and all…but not necessary.8. Irish car bombs. You’re probably drunk by now. These are offensive to our friends from Belfast, and frowned upon by snobs…meh. Have one, they’re fun.
9. Don’t drive drunk. It’s dumb. Bad things happen.
10. When you get home, regardless of your condition…have a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream on ice…sip it, you’ll sleep better. Bring a water bottle to the bed side table. -bp

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