Beliebers Unite

Man, I’ve been so busy the past couple days, it’s been pissin’ me off. So, I finally got a second to breathe today and hopped on the interweb. What do I see? Freakin Bieber. Not only did Ellen sell a lock of his hair on eBay for over $40,000… now people are paying money to have their pictures taken with a glass box that has Bieber’s hair in it. I repeat, PEOPLE ARE PAYING TO TAKE PICTURES WITH A PIECE OF JUSTIN BIEBER’S HAIR. Huge Belieber here after he won all those games for the Lakers. But this?! I had some real zingers to throw at Ellen, Bieber and America for this one… until I learned that all the proceeds go to the relief efforts for the Tsunami in Japan. Well, frick, good work tween America… pay up for those pictures.

Just imagine if this kid grew hair anywhere else…you’re looking at 6 figures on eBay.


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