Kook of the Week: Lawrence Taylor, BadAss to JackAss

Lawrence Taylor. Dude is not a good person. He was sentenced to six years probation after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing a 16-year-old prostitute. Doesn’t even feel remorse…that’s the crazy thing to me. Here is a write up with quotes from ESPN. Just mind boggling to me that he doesn’t even think what he did is wrong… rather, he was embarrassed by it. There’s three quotes that I can’t wrap my head around. First, “I don’t card them” when it comes to his hookers. Do you look at them? You’re an idiot. Second, his “you never think you’re gonna get busted because everyone does it” quote. Everybody does it? Here I thought I was plugged into the social scene…pfft. Man, I really missed the boat on this one, I’ve never had a prostitute and everybody is doing it? I’m a nobody? Tear shed. Third, I love how he says he has “no beef” with the 16-year-old girl that showed up at his hotel room. Oh really, Lawrence? How noble of you. You’re not mad at the teenage kid that’s old enough to be your granddaughter after you tried to pay her for sex? You disgust me, dude. You got off lucky if you ask me. For the record, there’s a reason that I never referred to Taylor as LT in this blog. Sure, he mighta been the first, but in San Diego…there’s only one LT. That nickname is reserved for an actual role model. Long live LaDainian Tomlinson. Which brings me to my second point, kids. Don’t rape girls.


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