The Govenator is NOT a Hoax?

Nice shoulder pads, bro. So, I pull up our site this morning and see that my post “Superheroes on Steroids” is blowing up. Took me about 4 seconds to figure out why. None other than Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring as a super hero in his own comic, The Govenator. I get it, he’s a super hero now… and he used to do steroids. This is the stupidest freaking thing I’ve ever seen. I swear I thought it had to be a spoof from The Onion. Nope, that’s the cover of Entertainment Weekly up there. Stan Lee, you are losing your touch, dude. The Govenator? Take a quick second to watch this little tidbit on Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Govenator. I voted for Arnie when he ran for Governor here in California. In general, I freaking love Arnie and of course, there has been some questionable crap that’s gone on that’s made me second guess my vote…but none so much as finding out that he’s had the time during his term to set this comic up. You musta been real busy fixing California in between negotiations with your new superhero based on your own life.

“The Govenator” will star an animated Arnie, which he will lend his voice to, and the setting will be his life immediately after leaving office as Governor of California. “Not content with simply retiring and always striving to make the world a better place, Schwarzenegger decides to take on the global villainy and 21st century disasters that no one else is equipped to handle,” Stan Lee’s Pow Entertainment said. “With an elite team of teens to help him, he creates a secret identity beneath his home — so secret that even his wife and kids are unaware. Using cutting-edge gear, custom-made super suits, state-of-the-art weapons and vehicles, he will combat evil in all of its forms as The Governator … a superhero living a double life, who’s also a devoted family man who needs to make it home for dinner every night.” Guess what, bro… you’re not fooling anyone, Maria Shriver reads LobShots, and if I know Maria, I know she’s not gonna stand for this superhero gig, because let’s be honest, you’re just not cut out for it anymore.


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