Mike Vrabel is Pissed at Mike Leake for Stealing Spotlight

Mike Leake Mugshot

Zing! Get it? “Stealing” the spotlight? It’s no wonder I have a world famous blog when I’m dropping headlines made of gold. Mike Leake, the idiot pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds was arrested yesterday for allegedly stealing at Macy’s. This immediately reminded me of Mike Vrable getting arrested for stealing at a casino. I couldn’t remember how that went down exactly so I asked my boy Mac, formally Macroni, to remind me.

Mike Vrabel Mugshot

How Mac remembered the story… “I am 1000% certain that this is what went down: NFL veteran and notable good guy Mike Vrable rolls into the Golden Feather Indian Casino with $25k in his pocket, he sits down at the big boy table and is betting $500-$2,000 a hand in Pai Gow,  just crushing down Bud heavy and Jack shots.  7 hours later its 5:30 am and Vrable has blown all his cash and already gotten 3 lines of credit and the tribe has had enough. $60k in the hole, Vrable gets the boot, but before they can get him out he spots the display case that proudly displays some ancient Indian artifacts. Next thing you know Vrable is sprinting through the casino floor screaming like he’s on the war path with his shirt off and wearing the headress and wielding the spear of legendary warrior “Stomping Eagle.” Just straight plowing through blue haired grannies smoking Virginia slims and pumping quarters into Wheel of Fortune slot machines.  Boom.. and that’s how former NFL greats get arrested for theft at casinos at 5:30 am. Don’t even bother reading the ESPN article, this is fact.

Solid recollection on that kid. How pissed must Vrable be now? Basking in all of the professional-athlete-burglary glory only to have Leake swoop in and steal the spotlight.  His stolen goods? Not booze. The stolen property totaled $59.88 in value, which would’ve put a serious dent in his $425k salary. What’s great? He stole T-shirts….musta been two, right? Nope. SIX. Six American Rag T-shirts. I will forever believe, regardless of evidence, that Mike Leake, a San Diego kid… picked up six of these shirts in different colors.So Cal por vida, bro. Good work, Leake. You’ll always be a Regional Champion in my book… idiot. MLB had this to say. “As of now, this would be a club issue,” said Major League Baseball spokesman Patrick Courtney. Agreed…club him in the head for being such a dumbass.


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