Carl’s Jr. is Auctioning off Miss Turkey’s Bikini on eBay

Gizem Memic, Miss Turkey

A few weeks ago, the LA Times reported that Carl’s Jr. would be auctioning off, for charity, the bikini worn by Miss Turkey in their latest TV commercial. Well, it’s finally up on eBay, and all the proceeds go to Stars for Troops, Military Charities.

***update: hold the press, I just read the fine print on the eBay auction: first it states, “a charity auction for a bikini custom-made for Miss Turkey to wear in the fast-food chains’ recent commercial.” soon after, it reads “One of only three produced, this never-been-worn bikini will be auctioned” Heh? Never been worn? So, you’re NOT selling the bikini in the picture above, rather, one of the other two that were made as backups or something? Is that what you’re saying? LAME. Off the bid that I was never going to show in the first place.***

I love the idea. CNBC’s Darren Rovell (@DarrenRovell) brought up the point on Twitter, that Sports Illustrated should do this same thing with the swimsuits from the annual Swimsuit Edition. I wholeheartedly agree with him. All LobShots readers know we’d be top bid on Kate Upton’s gear. But more specifically… Kate herself could raise a boat load of cash if she auctioned of her wedding “dress” that she tweeted to me. Another thing… let’s address the elephant in the room… from the neck up, Miss Turkey looks a bit like a dude, right?


One of only three produced, this never-been-worn bikini will be auctioned

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