Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men

Can’t nobody hold you down! Oh no, you got to keep on movin’! Here’s the tweet from Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) one hour ago.

Get it, geniuses? Two and a half. So, Ashton Kutcher is the new Charlie Sheen. We’ve been documenting Charlie Sheen’s meltdowns from the beginning, but this raises a new question: Can Ashton replace Charlie Harper? Of course not, but he can try, and I am excited to see how they write him into the show. I’m sure folks are expecting me to bash this decision, but what can I say… I love Two and Half Men…even the scenes Charlie isn’t in, and I don’t hate Ashton Kutcher. I will be thinking of the pre-Demi Ashton from “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and “That 70’s Show”, not the dork in those camera commercials. Does beg the question, could this have been Ashton? Either way, Mr. Demi Moore, the gauntlet has been laid, I wish you luck. Please don’t suck. By the way, the over/under is set at 4 on how many episodes it takes for Ashton to get Jake drunk.

**update from the comments section: Hmmm… maybe I didn’t point out what I thought was obvious. As I understand it, they aren’t going to actually have him BECOME Charlie Harper…they are going to somehow write in his new character, who knows, maybe a cousin or something, and have him live at the house. He’ll probably be an alcoholic slut just like Charlie Harper, but not actually him… like when they tried to replace the mom on Family Matters and thought nobody would notice.***


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