Doppelganger Time: Jose Bautista is Not Human

Jose Bautista is crushing the ball. Jose Bautista hit 3 home runs on Sunday. Jose Bautista is leading all of Major League Baseball in home runs. Jose Bautista is batting .415 with 13 homers and 21 RBIs in his last 19 games. Jose Bautista is Jack Jeebs.
With the way Bautista is just murdering the baseball, I’m having trouble believing he’s from planet earth. I got 50/50 odds that if I walked up to him and blasted him in the face some MIB gun, his head would grow back in less than 10 seconds.

"Oh, great, right in the pie-hole... now nothing's gonna taste right!"

Sorry, Jose… you’re just too good. You blew your cover, bro. Now, thanks to LobShots, you’re on MIB’s radar. Keep an eye out for K and J.


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