Evan Longoria is Spiderman

So, I heard everybody talking about this amazing video of Evan Longoria, the Tampa Bay Rays third baseman, saving some woman’s life that was interviewing him. Just insane reaction skills from Longoria. He has real life spidey senses and we, the fans, got to see them in action. Just amazing. Here it is.

YouTube Preview Image

What’s equally amazing is that any walking, talking functioning human being could possibly believe that this is real. I got two words for you: photoshop. Or whatever the hell the video editing commercial making equivalent is… see those Gillette signs plastered all over the background? Gee… product placement much? Even if it’s not a Gillette commercial, it’s not real. I will say this, if I’m wrong about this, and this video is real… here’s another video that I now have to believe is real.

YouTube Preview Image


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