New Soccer Headbutt Makes Zidane’s Look Like Child’s Play

Zinedine Zidane’s got nothing on this fool. His headbutt was awesome and all, but it was bush league compared to this one. While searching for a nice little image of Zidane’s WorldCup headbutt, I happened across this page which has some pretty comical renditions of the famous head butt. Anyway, back to the present… I don’t know anything about this, except for it was a soccer match somewhere in the world and it was Cruz Azul vs. Monarcas. There was a giant brawl… seen here.

YouTube Preview Image

And somewhere in the midst of this brawl was this amazing headbutt. Here’s the YouTube version of the above .gif.

YouTube Preview Image

A player on Cruz Azul named Jose Jesus Corona just head blasts the Monarcas coach. That’s gonna leave a mark. Hey Jose, might wanna change your name because I seriously doubt that Jesus approves of these sort of headbutting shenanigans.


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