Ashton Kutcher & Charlie Sheen Hug it Out over Twitter

That’s a screenshot of Charlie Sheen’s (@charliesheen) tweet to Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) for the whole world wide interweb to see. Well, wouldya look at thatCharlie Sheen is congratulating Ashton Kutcher and the network that he’s publicly blasted a hundred times. Good for him. Good for Ashton. Good for CBS. Good for Two and Half Men. Everybody hug. Isn’t that precious? Side note: What the hell is this “born big” business? That a fat joke? Oh, and Ashton, next time, feel free to put an “s” at the end of that “Thank”. Thanks you.

This post is a special shoutout to my boy Crew. He loves Two and Half Men with all his heart and he laughs hysterically at the show, even when laughtrack’s not telling him to.


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