Peavy! Peavy! Peavy!

As a Padres fan, my love for Jake Peavy is no mystery. It did not die when he left for the Chicago White Sox. He was the subject of one of my LobShots Man Crush of the Week blogs. Yesterday, he made his second start after coming off what felt like his billionth stint on the DL due to surgery. He was friggin’ brilliant. Vintage Peavy. Straight from Yahoo Sports: “Peavy’s first home start of the year was nothing short of spectacular. He struck out eight, walked none and scattered three singles over 111 pitches (78 of them for strikes). He has yet to walk a batter through two starts this season…” Congrats Jake, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Peavy had to say: “Obviously, personally, it means the world,” Peavy said. “I feel so blessed to have the opportunity, once again, to go out there. For your stuff to come back, especially on a night like tonight when you have the first-place team coming in and win 1-0 against a guy who really has had our number, obviously it’s personally gratifying, but at the same time you got to put personal matters aside. It was a great win by the boys.

I also want to thank Showman for dropping Peavy right when he was coming off the DL in our Fantasy Baseball League so that he pick up Vincente Padilla, who is now hurt and third in the Dodgers depth chart. Young Jake now resides on my team.


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