Were You at Game 5 of Heat vs. Mavs? Prove it. Killer Zoom Photo.

Just a normal bird’s eye panorama picture of Game 5 of the Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat series, right? Wrong. Head over to this link to check out this picture. It is a GigaPan shot of the game that allows you to move the photo and zoom in around the arena.

“Were you at Thursday night’s Game 5 matchup between the Mavericks and Heat? Prove it. Find yourself in our GigaPan image by zooming in to your seats. And if you weren’t at the game and want to just browse the American Airlines Center for celebrities or friends, that’s OK, too! Just scroll down below and take a look for yourself.

Online disclaimer: This is a composite of 630 pictures taken inside American Airlines Center throughout the first half of Game 5 of the Finals, and is not meant to represent a single moment. The size of the panorama is 3.68 gigapixels (104648 x 35164 pixels) and has a 120 degree horizontal field of view. There are many errors caused by the stitching together of multiple photos.”

That’s just freaking cool. Because it’s 630 pictures combined into one, you get all kinds of crazy double images of people and bodies chopped in half. Like this one.

You can waste hours looking for people, this thing is pretty cool.

This shot reminded me of a  cougar version of this Astros bro.

Have fun with it.


[via @darrenrovell twitter]

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