Yahoo Sports Hates the Padres, Bud Black & Anthony Rizzo

Rizzomania is in full effect here in San Diego. I’ve got him on my fantasy baseball team and he’s put up legit numbers in his first few days in the big leagues. Anybody who plays Yahoo Fantasy Baseball knows that screen shot above. Just a little blip that Yahoo gives fantasy owners on any given player and what they’ve been up, recommendations, health updates, etc. A few things I’d like to call your attention to in above picture. Like, I dunno, the lack of a picture for the poor kid. Good grief, Yahoo, step up your game. Here’s his mugshot. There, that was easy. Second, apparently Bud Black is now the manager of the Houston Astros. Awesome. Thanks Yahoo, ya jerks. I know the Padres are a nobody team to most of the nation, but c’mon, Buddy got Manager of the Year last year, how ’bout a little respect? Third, my record sucks, I know. Thanks for noticing. Fourth, yes, my team name is Posh Spice. My boy Crew and I own this team together and when you put our wits together, there’s just no stopping us. Get it? Doubt it, ya buncha nostril lovers. In conclusion, I’d like to ask Yahoo Sports to stop being mean to San Diego. Put up Rizzo’s mugshot, get Buddy’s team right, and stop talking down to me.


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