Dude Breaks His Bat in College World Series…Those Aren’t Wood

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This is a trip. Kid’s name is Mike Zunino and this happened during a College World Series game between Florida and Vanderbilt a couple days ago. We know wood bats break all the time. No big whoop. I played baseball from when I could walk until 18 years old and my first thought was, “No way you can break an aluminum bat.” I stand corrected. I think? I heard about this kid swinging his metal bat and it flying into the stands and googled it. This site says the bat was aluminum. This site says it’s composite, and that this year, college baseball switched to composite bats. I don’t know which on is right. I don’t even know what the hell composite is. Apparently, back in 2009, the NCAA banned composite bats. I have no clue now. Anybody? I don’t care enough to dig into it any further. I do know that this friggin’ thing isn’t wood and it coulda killed that kid in the stands. Thank God grandma was there to save him.


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