Padres Cirque du Soleil First Pitch Blows the Mind

So, I saw this while watching the Padres vs. Royals game last night and thought it was pretty freaking cool. Guy walks up to the mound for the first pitch like he’s gonna make a normal throw, then next thing you know he’s flip flop spinning through air defying all gravity before he releases the ball. For some stupid reason though, I didn’t really think it was that blog worthy. Guess I was wrong because everybody and their mother has been lobbing this link up to me (B.Hodge, you were the first, JayDub, you were the straw that broke the blogger’s back), so here I am… giving the people what they want. Here’s a frame by frame shot of this crazy a.hole from Cirque du Soleil named Gabryel Nogueira da Silva… I only ask that you view these pictures while humming the intro to Circle of Life from the Lion King.

Tah-dah! Dude’s a maniac. That sneaky bastard set up like he was gonna throw lefty too… then tossed it righty. Never underestimate the sneakiness. Here’s a couple of different videos of it. Go Pads.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Well, wouldya look at that, Mufasa even threw a strike. Fuhgettaboutit.


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