Padres vs. Mariners 80’s Night

Seattle Mag – “We sent Seattle mag photographer Hayley Young down to Peoria, AZ during spring training to team up with M’s catcher Miguel Olivo and first baseman Justin Smoak! Get behind-the-scenes fotoage from the photo shoot as Justin and Miguel channel their inner Crockett and Tubbs! PLUS – grab your own “Mariners Vice” collectible poster! Join Seattle magazine at Turn Back the Clock Night at Safeco Field on Friday, July 1 – the first 20,000 fans will take home posters shot by yours truly! And of course, don’t forget to roll up those sleeves,  don your loafers (sans socks!) and rock your best throw-back gear!”

Looks like our intense American League west coast rivals are real fired up to take on the Padres. This ‘rivalry’ is a freaking joke, so thank you Mariners for at least making the jerseys something beautiful to look at. Tonight, both teams will wear their 1984 uniforms and I’m pumped to see it. Bring Back the Brown! In addition to the uniforms, love the promo. Cheesy as it is, I absolutely love that the Mariners did this poster… here’s the link to the Vimeo video of the photoshoot. Fun for them to do, although they definitely aren’t the first to think of ripping off the Miami Vice poster.

Either way, go Padres… kick some ass tonight.


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