Should we All Hate Derek Jeter for 3,000?



Derek Jeter. Dude is unreal. He’s sitting at 2,998 hits with his homestand coming to a close…a legit pitcher in David Price on the mound. No big whoop. Single. 2,999. Next at bat…full count…and BOOM…a Home Run for his 3,000th hit. Figures. He’s on top of the world, right? Not yet. After tying the game with his HR, he went on to get 3 more hits to finish the day a cool 5 for 5. That fifth hit was the game winner.
I really don’t know how I feel about all this. I’m not a Yankee fan at all, I hate that they can just buy teams while the Padres scrape to get by. But I do, however, truly appreciate their history as a franchise and its significance for the game of baseball. I’ve never really disliked Jeter, but he just seems so perfect. Too perfect. Always some hot chick by his side…a god in baseball’s largest market. He can’t be that perfect. I’ve always thought there has to be some crazy skeleton in his closet. Welp, this seals the deal…there are no skeletons. Nobody with something to hide has a day that perfect on a stage that big. Same goes for all his World Series heroics. Mr. November, right? I want to hate him….I really do. I just can’t.
Few more things. How the hell is he the only player to ever hit 3,000 hits in a Yankees uniform or at Yankee Stadium? How. Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mattingly, Berra, Steve Sax…and somehow Jeter’s the only one? Crazy to me.  Also, his nickname’s Mr. November right? Mac’s boy, Earley, spent an entire week trying to convince him that Jeter’s nickname was “The Jeweler”. I hope to God that it is, because if so…I can hate him. Anybody? Anyway, what is it now? “Mr. Yankee 3000” or something dumb like that? Oh, and did Jeter set a record amongst the other 27 players to get 3,000 hits for shortest time to sit on hit 3,000, 3,001, and 3,002 right? A couple innings for each? Elias…do tell. Ok, last thing…Congratulations to you, Derek Jeter, but know that I’d take Tony Gwynn and his 3,000+ hits every time over you. Fat ass and all.
Wait, the word ass reminded me of one more thing. Best part about hit 3000? Tons of Minka. More please.


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