Bubba Burgers Trade Talk


Tales from Hawaii. So I head to Bubba Burgers in Hanalei today. Fantastic burger joint…best on the isle of Kauai. Dunno when that pic up top was taken, but I’ve never seen it without the line spilling 10 feet past the stairs. So, I’m two people from the window to order. I can’t see the guy taking the orders, but I can hear him. The woman two spots in front of me says to him, “You’re not from around here are you? Lemme guess, New York?” “No, ma’am…Bahston.”
So I get up to order, take one look at this dude, wearing a Red Sox cap…and I just start laughing. “Did that chick just ask you if you were from New York?” “Ha…yeah. Smaht, right?” He went on with some small talk about stupid tourists saying things like, “So you live here now?” No, he commutes. Anyway, he takes my order and I pay, and as he gives me my change, as he looks up at my 1984 Padres taco hat, chuckles and says, “Heh, thanks fah Gonzalez…that was ahhhsome.” I take my change, drop it in the tip jar, smile, and say “Fack you.”

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