A Mom Tries to Sell her Newborn for $500 at Taco Bell

Heidi Lynn Knowles, 36, was charged for allegedly trying to sell her 3-day-old son at a Taco Bell in Vancover, Wash.

HAZEL DELL, Wash. (KTLA) — A woman has been arrested after allegedly trying to sell her 3-day-old son at a Taco Bell restaurant. 36-year-old Heidi Lynn Knowles, aka. Heidi Lynn Gasaway, is accused of offering to sell the infant for $500.

Deputies were called to the restaurant by a woman who said Knowles approached her in the restaurant, handed her the baby and offered to sell him. They tracked Knowles to a nearby motel with the infant, who appeared to be in good health.

Child Protective Services then took custody of the baby. Knowles has not been charged in the alleged baby selling incident. But she is being held on previously issued arrest warrants for jumping bail, possessing drug paraphernalia and theft.

Let’s see. Being held on drugs and thievery? Doesn’t really seem like a baby selling type of person. I’m calling shenanigans on this one. Somebody is setting her up for sure. Everybody knows if you’re looking to sell your kid… you ask for at least 5 grand and you go to McDonald’s.  Taco Bell… $500? pfft. Amateur hour.

Ok, all kidding aside. If this woman tried to sell her baby at a Taco Bell, she has a special place in hell reserved for her.


shoutout to LT for the lob.

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