Hold Me Closer, Tiny Darren

Fox – A source told FOXSports.com that the Saints have reached agreement on a contract with free-agent running back Darren Sproles. The San Diego Union-Tribune and NFL Network both reported the terms as four years, with $6 million guaranteed.

Sproles, 28, doesn’t have the same physical size as Bush, who was traded Thursday to the Miami Dolphins for an undisclosed draft pick and safety Jonathan Amaya. But like Bush, the 5-foot-6, 190-pound Sproles does have outstanding pass-catching skills out of the backfield. Sproles also is a capable blocker on blitz pickups and can potentially assume return duties for the Saints as well.

After spending the past six seasons in San Diego, Sproles was also under strong demand from the Philadelphia Eagles. He caught a career-high 59 passes for 520 yards and two touchdowns in 2010. Sproles also averaged 5.3 yards on his 50 rushing attempts.

Sproles also worked out extensively this offseason with Saints quarterback Drew Brees. The two were Chargers teammates in Sproles’ 2005 rookie season before Brees signed with the Saints in free agency the following season. Sproles joins a talented Saints backfield that also includes starter Pierre Thomas and 2011 first-round draft choice Mark Ingram.

Hold me closer, Tiny Darren. I get that the Bolts couldn’t keep you around, but I just liked having you on my team. I’m gonna miss you, man. Sure there were times I was frustrated that Norv was handing him the ball for dive plays up the middle on crucial short yardage plays, who wasn’t? I don’t blame Darren for that though… I blame Norv. I met Sproles at a charity event at Rady’s Childrens Hospital, along with LT. He was the nicest dude ever. Super humble, super quiet, and very kind to these sick kids. As for stature, it felt a bit weird looking down at a NFL player, but it made me realize how defensive lineman find themselves wondering where the hell he is. I’ve never seen legs move as fast as his in my life. I’m excited for him in New Orleans, and I’m excited for Brees to have a good dude like Tiny Darren in the backfield with him. Wishing you all the best, Darren Sproles.


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