Kook of the Week: Braylon Edwards

FOX 2 Detroit – BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (WJBK) – Braylon Edwards is an NFL wide receiver and Michigan standout who made a name for himself on the field and, most recently, what he’s doing off of it. Edwards was arrested last September for driving drunk in New York City. This past June, the Jets receiver was involved in a minor accident on Belle Isle.

Sunday, Edwards was allegedly at the South Bar in Birmingham. Reportedly two people in his entourage were arrested after roughing up some employees around two o’clock in the morning. Around that same time, Edwards tweeted, “Damn. Get ya knuckles ready” and “Don’t fight if. You don’t know how.”

We’re told the group of friends Edwards was with got into an argument with an employee at the nighttime hot spot that eventually spilled into the kitchen. There one worker was sliced with a knife requiring 14 stitches. Another was attacked with a fork. Two people in police custody are expected to be arraigned sometime on Tuesday. We’re told Edwards had nothing directly to do with the fight. In fact, the Birmingham police chief said his officers never had any interaction with the wide receiver.

Can you believe this?! Braylon, what were you thinking?! Wait, what’s that? Check his twitter again? Oh, phew… I just saw the @OfficialBraylon twitter account. “Yo…Lost my phone last night someone sent tweets.  Deleted them and changed my password.  Sorry for the mishap hopefully never happens again!” Never mind! No biggie, those tweets weren’t Braylon. I swear it’s every other night that I lose my phone, somebody grabs it, randomly tweets about fighting, then my boys happen to get arrested for stabbing people with forks. Luckily, I always recover my phone and can tweet out to the world that it wasn’t me. Hopefully never happens again!

Braylon, you’re an idiot and you’re insulting the intelligence of the world by tweeting that crap. Go grab the moron that told you that was the best course of action to handle your situation, whether it was your PR person, your agent, your friend, whoever… and fire them immediately. If you made this big boy decision all on your own… fire yourself.

So a couple dudes in your entourage can get into knife and fork fight at a restaurant, while you tweet about it, then they get arrested, right? That doesn’t reflect well on you, I know. But I could actually see you coming out of this not looking so bad. Explain the situation, it was poor judgment to be with these guys at a bar at 2AM, but you had nothing to do with the incident, just like the cops said. Not that big of a deal. Instead, and this is the absolutely mind-boggling part to me, you pull out the ‘lost my phone’ card and come off looking like the biggest idiot jackass on the planet. How’s free agency working out for you? How’d that feel when the Jets picked up a dude that’s been in jail for 20 months instead of you? How many millions of dollars is that idiot tweet gonna cost you? Kook. Of. The. Week.


[lobbed by LT via PFT]

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