Man Crush of the Week: Darren Rovell

@darrenrovell: Majestic puts their 1st Twitter handle on the back of an MLB jersey & it's mine

Listen, I don’t have any problems admitting that I have a tiny little man crush on Darren Rovell of CNBC’s Sports Biz. The first non athlete to ever be a LobShots Man Crush. He’s hands down my favorite person to follow on twitter. If you’re not following, you should. If you’re not on twitter, you should be. He’s got over 100,000 people just sending him random crazy sports/business/food related pictures/info and they are pretty freaking interesting. Yesterday, he went to the Rays game and Majestic made him a custom jersey with his twitter handle on it, which he wore while singing the national anthem at the game.

@darrenrovell: T-minus 4 hours until I sing the National Anthems at the Rays game

While he was there… of course he found some hottie in a Victoria’s Secret Rays tshirt to hang out with. I give you Marissa May from The Bachelor 15.

@darrenrovell: Great #RaysTweetUp area. Found The Bachelor 15's @MarissajustMay here

Well done, sir… well done.


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