Stevie Williams Issues Worst Apology Ever

It’s been four days since Stevie Williams attempted to steal the limelight, intentionally or not, from Adam Scott in his win at the Bridgestone Invitational. He got absolutely ripped for it. I’ll be honest, I loved the drama of Stevie caddying for Adam in the first tournament since being fired by Tiger Woods and Adam winning it all. Just sorta felt like sweet justice for Stevie after being fired by Tiger. Well, then he spoke. I’d never seen a caddy interviewed, and afterward, you’d have thought he actually took every shot himself. It was just unreal. Narcissism at it’s finest. One interview, and bam, I’m back on team Tiger. In the midst of all the backlash, Stevie has finally come out and issued an apology on his website, KiwiCaddy.

“There has been considerable debate following the comments I made at the conclusion of Sunday’s Bridgestone Invitational. It was a complete surprise to have CBS announcer, David Feherty ask for an interview following the completion of play. My emotions following Adam’s victory were running very high and at the time I felt like my emotions poured out and got the better of me. I apologize to my fellow caddies and professionals for failing to mention Adam’s outstanding performance. I would like to thank all those fans at Firestone who made this victory the most special of my career.”

Steve Williams
10 August 2011

Amazing to me that even in his apology, he’s talking about “my career.” Did he just blame David Feherty a little bit? He still doesn’t get it. People weren’t in an uproar just because you didn’t mention Adam’s performance, they were in an uproar because you’re a caddy and spoke like you were the golfer. And all that “most satisfying win of my career” talk just screamed REVENGE. The only reason I hadn’t posted on Stevie Williams up to this point, is because I thought for sure that Adam Scott would’ve fired his ass by now. I figured I’d just do one all inclusive post, but alas, it hasn’t happen yet. Stevie…you’re a caddy, bro. That’s it. Sure you’re a millionaire caddy, but you’re still a caddy. You carry around other peoples crap for a living, clean up after them, and do whatever they tell you to do. When they want your opinion, if you give them one that doesn’t work out…they fire you. Oh, and you only make money if they do. Everybody loved you when you acted like you were a caddy…remember that, and go back to it.

Side note: Since I manage one…I know a thing or two about crappy websites…and Stevie’s KiwiCaddy is the worst. Just awful.


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