Bryce Harper Ejected in Minor League Baseball Game

Couple things that you can be sure of here at LobShots. One, I love Minor League Baseball as noted here and here. Two, I do not love Bryce Harper as noted here and here. However, I do feel like I can be pretty objective…sometimes. Here’s the video and summary of him getting tossed by the ump on Top Prospect Alert Minor League Blog. As big of a tool as I think Bryce Harper is, this isn’t that bad. I feel like he’s just being a competitor here. A little over the top, sure, but it happens. So, I’m not holding this against Bryce. Over the course of my youth sports glory days, I got red cards in soccer, fights with my own teammates in football, and ejections in basketball and baseball. It’s part of sports, no big whoop. In college, I’m pretty sure I got kicked out of the pool during inter-murals…an inner-tube water polo match. Yeah, laugh it up if you want, but I can tell you for damn sure that nobody ever tried to pull my leg hair again. Sneaky water polo bastards.


[via Deadspin]

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