OchoCinco’s Girl Has the Worst Clothing Line in History

Evelyn Lozada. Decent taste in men, horrible taste in clothing. Chad Ochocinco’s girl is quite the entrepreneur. She’s on this season of Basketball Wives, which I can proudly say I’ve never watched. She’s also an aspiring fashionista. I hesitate to even post this, only because I’d hate to actually steer people to this horrible collection of crap clothing. However, it’s good for a laugh, so here it is. The worst collection of women’s clothing this side of a polygamist compound. Here are a few samples.

I’m speechless. Please, by all means, check this bush league interview about her time on Basketball Wives and how she’s going to marry Chad Ochocinco in the summer of 2012. Are there Vegas odds for this crap? Let’s place some bets on the wedding date!! I’ll take the over on ‘forever’ from now.


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