Watch How an NFL WR Handles an Earthquake…

Torrey Smith. Now you see him…

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Now you don’t.

I didn’t think there was any way on earth this was real, but I’m hearing it is. This is Torrey Smith of the Baltimore Ravens filming a promotional video for his alma mater Maryland. Then the Virginia earthquake hit. As a SoCal native, I spent the better part of the infamous “East Coast Earthquake Day” mocking it. Not trying to be disrespectful to the injured, but good grief, a 5.8 quake? Decent chance I don’t even notice it if I’m not standing directly on the San Andreas fault. Either way, Torrey Smith’s reaction is just awesome. He’s got no clue what to do… so he just bolts. I think I saw a cloud of smoke fill up the space he used to be standing in. Best part? There’s nowhere safer he could possibly be than in the middle of the gridiron in a gigantic open field. Absolutely love it. “I have Maryland pride….” peace out!!! Don’t be scurrred, Torrey.


[lobbed by Cha boi, Chargers fan extraordinaire]

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