Why Does the San Diego Union Tribune Hate Vincent Jackson?

John R. McCutchen - SD U-T

There probably isn’t a bigger supporter of Vincent Jackson on the planet. My opinion is 100% biased. Huge Chargers fan, and VJ and I have quite the interesting history together. All that aside, isn’t this a weird picture of VJ? Super close up, eyes half-closed, looking away from the camera. It’s from a Kevin Acee article in the U-T a few days ago. Great article about how VJ wants to stay on the Chargers past 2011. That’s music to my ears…to my soul. So, why did the San Diego Union-Tribune use this weird picture? Because they hate VJax if you ask me. Ok, maybe they don’t hate him, but man…sure seems like it sometimes. Vincent Jackson is a handsome young man, and he should be displayed as such.

AP Photo/Denis Poroy

See? Handsome….and yoked.



[lobbed by The Rohde]

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