Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly Split? Whatever Shall We Do?!

September 4, 2010 - Photo by

JustJared – Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly have called it quits after three years together, can exclusively confirm.

“The split was amicable,” sources tell JJ of the 37-year-old Yankees superstar and 31-year-old actress. “But they remain friends. They still really care for each other.”

When JJ contacted her reps, they did confirm the split.

First off, is JustJared the worst name for a website ever? Possibly. Ok, now that’s outta the way…let’s get to Jeter and Minka. I don’t care. Jeter is getting old and realized there’s no way he’s gonna be happy with one woman forever…so he’ll be on to his next in no time. And she’ll be hotter than Minka. That’s saying a lot, because Minka is hot. Hot and young. She’s got that going for her. She’ll be breaking hearts in no time. I never believe that “amicable” breakout b.s. but I will say that these two are both badass enough on their own that they don’t need each other. Happy days ahead for both. Sources won’t confirm, but if I’m a betting man… this is when Minka decided to break up with Derek.


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