Hurricane Irene: Sharks Just Swimming in the Streets of Puerto Rico

I seriously just got done with a post about how Mission Beach in San Diego is being a huge pansy by shutting down beaches because of a shark sighting. Well stop the freaking press… Puerto Rico has a reason to shut down the streets. Street Shark!

YouTube Preview Image

Yes, this is freakin nuts. But what the hell is this guy doing driving around in water this high anyway? Good thing I’m an idiot… now I can document a SHARK SWIMMING BY MY CAR ON THE STREET. That, my friends, is a reason to shut something down. Sharks do not belong in streets, I don’t care what Hurricane Irene has to say about it. Or do they?

YouTube Preview Image

Somebody tell this Street Shark in Puerto Rico that his precious little cartoon got cancelled after, like, two seasons…about two decades ago. I think? I have no clue.

***update: the stupid shark in the street picture is fake. the cartoon was real though.****



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