Jim Carrey Gets Even Awesomer All Over Emma Stone

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I can’t remember the last time that I was so simultaneously creeped out/entertained. Jim Carrey is one of the all time great comedians. The header on this blog should serve as a symbol of our fandom. Welp, just when you thought Jim Carrey might’ve lost a step… boom… Emma Stone. Love it. For the record, I didn’t laugh out loud until the very end when he mouths… “I love you” and his chin starts quivering.

That’s just a picture of Emma Stone so you don’t have to go google her like I did when I saw this.

Wow, I just noticed Emma Stone has responded to the video… on her website.

Well I guess I’m flattered. :) — Update: So I’ve never got this many texts, emails, calls, etc…It’s like a sex tape that I wasn’t even in leaked to the Internet. Jim has been a lifetime idol of mine, and obviously he’s just being silly. Now below Jim’s video, is they guy who talks about how Selena Gomez controls him. Watch both videos and see if you can tell the difference between comedy and creepy.


She’s right. The other dude is way creepier.


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