Dude Dumps Gasoline on a Beehive Causing Explosion that Rumbles Suburbia

LYNDEN, Wash. (AP) — A Washington state fire chief says a man dumped gasoline on a beehive in a tree in retaliation for a bee sting, then ignited the hive, causing an explosion heard throughout his suburban neighborhood just a few miles south of the Canadian border.

Lynden chief Gary Baar tells the Bellingham Herald (http://bit.ly/pBBpg0) that the Sunday night fire caused a large “whoosh,” singed the tree and killed the bees but no people were hurt.

Baar says the man’s friend had been stung earlier in the day.

The fire chief says, “The correct way to do that is to call a beekeeper.”

Firefighters explained that to the homeowner, and the newspaper says it doesn’t appear that that the man will be cited.

First, that might be one of the greatest .gifs ever created. Just keep staring at it. It just gets better every loop. Second, I wanna be the bee-blower-upper-guy’s friend. I get stung by a bee and as payback… he blows up the entire colony and scares the crap out of an entire suburban neighborhood? Yes, please. This dude rules.

However, awesome as this dude was… sadly, his idea was not original. Check out a few photos I found from 2004…just a few idiots that love fire and hate bees.

Bees on a swing set

Knocking the bees off with a 40lb trailer hitch from a Dodge Caravan

Giant pile of bees on the ground

A fire pit, some sheets and rags, and a lot of gasoline to drag under the bees.

Ignition of said bee killing contraption

Some bees survived, the fire went down. How 'bout 1.5 quarts of PAINT THINNER?

more bee carnage

Bees still alive? Throw 2 QUARTS OF 87 OCTANE GASOLINE on them.

oh wow, that's gonna get bigger... i can feel it.

a towering inferno of bee death

Thousands of dead bees. One dead swing set.

Never underestimate the power of an idiot, especially when joined by idiot friends. Go here if you want to see the story and more pictures of this ingenius bee-killing adventure.


[initial bee story lobbed by Jonesy, ‘oprah bees’ .gif lobbed by Crew]

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