Kim Kardashian’s Slutty Music Video Leaked on the Web

I feel like a broken record when I say this, and really, I don’t hate much of anything…but I Hate Kim Kardashian. Turns out her music video to the song Jam (Turn it Up) has leaked. Well, a portion of it. Shockingly, Kim flaunts her gigantic ass around in the alleged leaked video, that by the time you see this post will probably already have been removed from YouTube. She also licks her lips, sluts all around and flashes a ton of cleavage. What she does best. No surprise there. When this song first came out back in March, I wrote a blog titled, “Kim Kardashian is Horrible“. I stand by that blog, and I stand by the summary of it: when I hear her song, I feel like somebody just took an autotune dump in my ear.


[h/t to lobster Terrance on the comment boards]

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