Is “Mr. Cranky Pants” the Future of US Tennis?

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I know our blog name is LobShots and all… but that has nothing to do with tennis, and before today, I’d never heard of Ryan Harrison. I looked him up, and he’s supposed to be pretty good. 19 years old, American tennis player. There you have it. He’s 19… he chucking rackets and kicking balls. I’d kinda be pissed if he wasn’t. Not sure why this chick, Mary Carillo, is making such a big whoop about it. Did she really call him “Mr. Cranky Pants”? Good one, lady. Regardless, what I am sure of… is that the tool with his hands all properly folded on his right leg should never be allowed on TV again. I actually agree with his point about Harrison’s emotions being tied to his competitiveness and all… but good grief, man… GROW A PAIR. When that lady gets in your face like that, challenging your opinions, you don’t sit there and play stupid… you don’t plead the fifth… you don’t claim it’s not your job… you get your ass out there, and YOU FIND THAT F*CKING DOG.

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[lobbed by our buddy Lindsey, who had this to say “you may want to address the temper tantrum of Ryan Harrison who is supposedly supposed to be America’s new tennis golden child… pretty hysterical video. Eight racket tosses and one pretty amazing ball kick. I mean it is tennis and all but a good temper tantrum always wins. ANNNDDD feel free to comment on the total dork doing the analysis on the video below.” well put, Lindsey]

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