Matthew Fox from LOST has the Mugshot of the Year

**Lobsters to the rescue: check the comments section, turns out this pic is a few years old and is 99.9% NOT Matthew Fox. Some jackass decided to resurface it once Fox got in his little scuffle with authorities this past week after allegedly trying to beat up some chick driving a bus. Keep reading though, b/c if this was him…this blog was gold. Shoulda known this stupid bacon neck wasn’t Matt Fox**

Man. Talk about rock bottom. Meet our Kook of the Week. I’d love to sit here and say that this Matthew Fox mugshot just proves he’s a giant pansy. But I can’t. Let’s be honest, if I was dumb enough to drink and drive, and get arrested for a DUI… that’s the EXACT same look I’d have on my face. The “Oh-God-I-got-DUI-my-life-is-over-and-I-can’t-contain-my-emotions” look. That’s the most real look I’ve ever seen on a celebrity’s face. Raw emotion. What I can’t wrap my head around is how this is the same person.

He was so handsome. Seriously, I have no problem admitting I wanted to be Matthew Fox every time I saw him on LOST. He was one fine looking dude. What the hell happened?

Oh, and there’s this… just because photoshop is funny.


[LOST photoshop via FacePunch]

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