Just Manny Being A Wife Beater

NBC Chicago – Former World Series MVP Manny Ramirez was arrested by Weston police Monday evening on one charge of domestic battery.

His wife Juliana Ramirez told police she and her husband were both on the couple’s bed when he struck her with an open hand during an escalated domestic dispute, according to a police report by Officer Jose Campos.

She told police the blow caused her to hit her head on the headboard of their bed and, fearing the situation would escalate, she promptly called police.

According to Campos, Ramirez said his wife hit her head after he grabbed her by the shoulders and ‘shrugged’ her.

The police report notes red swelling was visible on the left side of Juliana Ramirez’ face, and that a contusion on the back of her head was consistent with her story. It was determined that Manny Ramirez was the primary aggressor.

Neither he nor his wife agreed to give taped statements, according to the police report, but both were photographed to document injuries.

Ramirez was booked at the Broward Sheriff’s Office main jail in Fort Lauderdale, according to online records.

The 39-year-old began his career with the Cleveland Indians but is most remembered for winning two World Series with the Boston Red Sox, and for a carefree personality that fans seemed to find endearing and maddening in equal parts — depending on his play.

His hijinks and notorious lapses in concentration were famously referred to in 1995 by then-Indians manager Mike Hargrove as “Manny being Manny.”

Ramirez retired in April while playing for the Tampa Bay Rays after he was notified by Major League Baseball of an issue under MLB’s drug prevention and treatment program.

The Dominican Republic-born outfielder played for Cleveland Indians from 1993 to 2000 and for the Red Sox from 2001 to 2008. He then played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Chicago White Sox and, finally, the Rays.

In 2009, Ramirez was suspended 50 games by MLB for violating the league’s drug policy.

He owns a home in the Weston area, according to property records.

Just Manny Being a Wife Beater. Right?

Let’s play a little game called, “What is the Worst Promotion Ever by a Major League Baseball Team?” We know what the Greatest Promotion in the History of Major League Baseball is, so what’s the worst? Clearly, I submit “Mannywood” by the Dodgers. Bring your submissions, lobsters. Go!


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