MLB is Selling Manny Ramirez “Wife Beater” T-shirts!

THREE DAYS ONLY, LOBSTERS!! So, I had this little email from MLB waiting for me in my inbox this morning. Once again, I assumed that would be no fun… no fun at all. They wouldn’t let me create a “Chapter 11” Dodgers jersey when the teamed filed for bankruptcy, so there’s no way they’d let me make an assortment of Manny Ramirez “Wife Beater” shirts, right? Wrong!!!

Yes, you could make one for the Indians and White Sox too, but I figured you get the point. Funny thing though… if you put it as one word, “wifebeater” instead of “wife beater” the MLB drops the *Sorry, that entry is deemed inappropriate. Yes, yes it is. Go here to design yours! If you’re wondering, and I know you are… you cannot make a Dodgers “Chapter 11” t-shirts. Same “deemed inappropriate” message. That’s to be expected. But, let’s be honest, this is just some dumb computer filter, there are always ways around that. As you can see…because you can split it up into two words. Not as fun, but gets the point across.

Oh, and if you think I’m making light of a serious situation… you’re right. I am. Doesn’t mean I’m not appalled by Manny Being Wife Beater Manny. If you want to know how I feel about wife beaters, check out my blog titled, “I will pay $5,000 for 10 Minutes Alone with Willy Aybar” where I open with, “There’s gotta be a special place reserved in hell for wife beaters, right?” There’s just gotta be.


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