Belichick Dropping F*Bombs all over Derrick Mason’s Face

YouTube Preview Image

Wow. Bill Belichick mic’d up is all you hoped it would be. This came from his behind-the-scenes show on the NFL Network. As a Chargers fan, I loath Belichick, but man, you gotta love this exchange with world-renowned trash talker Derrick Mason. And I quote, to the best of my hearing skills, “Oh, f*ck you Mason… just f*ck you, will ya? Why don’t we talk afta the game, huh? Just shut the f*ck up. Can you look at the scoreboard?” Love it. I hope to God that Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd, Ryan Mathews, Mike Tolbert, or Philip Rivers has that exact same exchange with Belichick this weekend. Because if they do… he’s pissed… and if he’s pissed, your boy BP is happy. Go Bolts.


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