It’s Spider Season in San Diego

Click on that picture to make it big… you will see an 8 legged beast ready to pounce. Took a stroll this morning with Mac & the Red Giant to go grab a coffee. As we walked, Red Giant stopped about half an inch in front of this sucker before it was literally on top of his face. I hate spiders. They fascinate the hell outta me, but I hate them. If I run into a web, I seriously feel like there’s a spider on me somewhere for the next week. Just miserable. We stopped and took a glance around. Easily a dozen giant spider webs within a 20 yard radius, with spiders that have bodies the size of your thumbnail everywhere. Not cool, San Diego, not cool.


(No I’m not actually cross-eyed you sunsabitches, I’ve just got that little sucker on lock, so it looks like it. I hate you all.)

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