Old Irish Farmer Kicks Rihanna Off His Farm and Tells Her To Put Some Clothes On

(Reuters) – Global pop star Rihanna was thrown out of a corn field by an angry farmer in Northern Ireland after he spotted her posing for cameras in a skimpy top.

The Grammy Award winning singer, whose hit singles include “Rude Boy” and “S&M,” was using the backdrop of the field near the town of Bangor for a video shoot on Monday ahead of three concerts in Belfast this week.

Crowds of local men and schoolgirls gathered at the side of the field when the singer and her entourage rolled up and she stripped down to a bandana bikini and torn blue jeans.

Irish newspapers reported that she briefly posed topless.

“The young lady in question was ceasing to be dressed in an appropriate manner,” farmer Alan Graham, a deeply religious Protestant local council member, told Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE on Tuesday.

“I felt the thing was inappropriate and I requested that the filming end at that stage.”

Mr Graham admitted he had no idea who the 23-year-old singer was when he got a call last week asking to use his field for a pop video. After filming stopped, he spoke briefly to the star who he said was understanding.

“She was most gracious and we shook hands and we parted on good enough terms,” he said.

Well, this story just made my day. Old Irish farmer didn’t think Rihanna’s skimpy photo shoot was appropriate for his farm. Awesome. Then they made up and left on friendly terms. Too funny. Tell ya what though, you don’t eff with the Irish… and you certainly don’t eff with the Northern Irish. Why? Because that place is crawling with the IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY, that’s why. Half the farms out there are probably a front for an IRA hideout. In fact, which is the more likely story here? An old farmer doesn’t like looking at Rihanna strip… or the IRA didn’t want any attention brought to their hideout? You tell me.

Btw, seriously with that Rihanna ass-grab shot? Good grief.


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